The New Southern Fugitives & SFK Press

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Our mission for SFK Press and The New Southern Fugitives is to "tell a million tales of y’all means all."  We especially encourage submissions from indigenous, LGBTQIA+, disabled,  current or previously incarcerated, and non-binary people, women, and people of color. 

SFK Press seeks book-length fiction by fearless authors. We want the multiplicity of the cosmic experience: past, present, or future, the good, the bad, and especially the unexpected. Send all book-length submissions to sfkbooks[at]


The New Southern Fugitives seeks previously unpublished writing and art for our biweekly zine. Please review our full submission guidelines at before submitting.

We pay contributors:

  • $40 per book review
  • $40 per poem
  • $15 per page of prose (min $45, max $105)
  • $40 per photograph or piece of visual art

 Please only send us one submission per genre at a time, and please wait at least one month to submit again after receiving a response. 

PLEASE NOTE:  We issue payment upon publication via mailed U.S. check, PayPal, or Venmo and are unable to issue payments in other ways.

**By submitting to us, you agree to be subscribed to our weekly email newsletter so you can keep up to date on the work we're publishing and the cool stuff we're doing. Thank you for your support!

The New Southern Fugitives & SFK Press